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Farm Realtors

Listed below are some farm realtors and a point of contact on the west coast. Their websites typically show a summary of current listings.

  1. AG-LAND Investment Brokers, Red Bluff, CA
    Sam Mudd
  2. Bokides and Hesseltine Real Estate Company, Lodi, CA
    Bob Hesseltine
  3. Cushman and Wakefield, San Diego, CA
    Curt Buono and Matt Davis
  4. Charter Farm Realty, Zamora, CA
    Ward Charter
  5. Farm and Ranch Realty, Woodland, CA
    Jeff Dyer
  6. Pearson Realty, Fresno, CA
  7. PMZ Realty, Modesto, CA
    Lane Menezes
  8. Reeve-Associates, Tracy, CA
    Gary Reeve
  9. Rincon Corporation, Santa Maria, CA
    Larry Lahr
  10. Century 21 M&M, Rio Vista, CA
    Ron Stevenson
  11. Schuil & Associates, Visalia, CA
    Marc Schuil
  12. Sheffield Real Estate, Woodland, CA
    Neal Peart
  13. Ron Silva Realty, Fresno, CA
    Ron Silva 
  14. Stromer Realty, Yuba City, CA
    Pat Laughlin
  15. Hoekstra & Associates, Inc., Hanford, CA
    Dan Hoekstra
  16. Joseph Rider Properties, Red Bluff, CA
    Joseph Rider
  17. The Dunbar Group, Santa Paula, CA
    Scott Dunbar
  18. Jenny Heinzen Real Estate, Paso Robles, CA
    Jenny Heinzen
  19. Tri Commercial, Roseville, CA
    Jim WIrth